Donate to “What Is Your Story?”

Interest in “What Is Your Story?” is growing faster than our ability to sustain it. We’re turning back to you, to the people who had a vision for what this could become, for help to keep growing.

Our Goal

We want to reach more people and to share more stories. That takes more books, more displays, more staff, more travel, more branding, and frankly, just more resources. As a small nonprofit, we need your help for us to get there. Our goal is to refine our exhibition experience and develop week and day-long “What Is Your Story?” pop-up experiences that can travel to offices and events.

Regardless of whether or not you can contribute yourself, you can actually help a lot by sharing this project with your friends and networks. We never know who might be inspired, so help us by sharing “What Is Your Story?” on social media, through email, a handwritten note, a banner in the sky, or whatever way helps get the message out!

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